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HemoRush™ Integrals: 7 force multiplying matrices work synergistically to amplify workout power


HemoPump Nitric Oxide Activating Matrix:Plasma nitric oxide is understood to increase the delivery of blood (which carries oxygen, nutrients, hormones, etc) to skeletal muscle. Consequently, workout quality improves, force production increases, and recovery quickens.²,³ Our HemoPump Matrix features AE2 (Arginine Ethyl Ester, Arginine Orotate, Arginine AKG).

HemoCell Creatine Transport Matrix: This formula includes three designer creatines that represent the gold standard for performance enhancing supplements: Tri-creatine Orotate, Magnesium Creatine Chelate, and Creatine ethyl Ester. Research has shown that creatine improves performance and increases lean body mass. On a cellular level, this means an increase in myosin heavy-chain protein, the major component of contractile skeletal muscle, and greater expression of myogenic regulatory factors. 4,5,6 On a practical level, it means lifting more weight for more reps in less time. That’s how you accumulate results fast!
Tricreatine Orotate joins the creatine molecule to orotic acid, which is a critical intermediary in the process of carnosine formation in muscle cells. Improving intramuscular carnosine concentration has been shown to buffer the lactic acid produced in muscles during prolonged strenuous activity. Orotic acid can also upregulate the biosynthesis of creatine phosphate, which is essential to the rapid recovery of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) between repeated bouts of activity.

HemoBuilding EPO Matrix: The HemoBuilding EPO Matrix represents a new category in natural performance enhancement. Traditional Chinese and Western herbs are combined in a unique formula that safely and effectively builds both blood volume and fatigue resistance.10 Get the edge over your competition safely and legally.
Echinacea Purpurea is a western herb with benefits spanning immune system support to reducing inflammation. Though most commonly used in the early prevention of cold and flu, the active constituents of this plant can help athletes and bodybuilders to recover faster and improve their resistance to fatigue.

Intracellular ATP Matrix: ATP is the major energy molecule of your body. Without sufficient ATP, you couldn’t lift so much as your bodyweight, nevermind the more significant loads you’re accustomed to. Fortunately for you, the components of our Intracellular matrix support ATP regeneration and have added benefits such as promoting aerobic metabolism and energy production in working muscle.
Adenosine 5-triphosphate disodium elevates ATP levels in skeletal muscle cells, which increases energy and work capacity while reducing fatigue. Consequently, the ability to do more work will improve muscle growth and potentiate both strength and recovery for optimum performance.
Beta-Alanine is the hottest supplement in the industry right now for its ability to delay the onset of fatigue and increase the contractile strength of type IIb muscle fibers. Furthermore, these effects compliment and support the effects of the other matrices in HemoRush™.

Neurogenic Performance Optimizing Matrix: Intense training requires enormous concentration and mental toughness. The HemoRush™ Neurogenic Matrix contains proven herbs and amino acids that will naturally improve mental acuity, neurotransmission, and feelings of well-being. Not only that, but they also work to suppress appetite, increase fat burning, and reduce stress.
One such ingredient is geranium extract, the active component of which is shown to be a very strong sympathomimetic, meaning it mimics the effects of adrenalin. The benefits of this are strong and include higher metabolic activity in the muscles, increased fat mobilization, and incredible mental alertness. Additionally, you can expect greater blood flow to muscles. This can improve workout intensity, recovery, and subsequent growth.

InfernoTM Energy & Fat Loss Support Matrix: Your appearance should reflect your effort – period! That’s why we’ve included our fat melting juggernaut, Inferno. Inferno triggers a sharp rise in caloric expenditure and encourages the liberation and metabolism of stored body fats as an energy source.
The inferno matrix features a remarkable fat burning alkaloid called evodiamine that elicits a mild stimulatory affect, but strong influence on body weight. Evodiamine seems to reduce the uptake of dietary fats while simultaneously increasing body temperature and, therefore, resting thermogenesis.

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Nutrabolics Hemorush Supplement Info

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HemoRush™ Strategy: The Best Defense is a Good Offense


Weightlifting is war! If you want to win, you must attack the weights with furious intensity. Success in the weightroom is determined long before you crank out your first set. Research shows that when the nervous and muscular systems are primed before your workout with key performance-stimulating nutrients, size and strength gains occur much faster.

The lesson here is simple. Spike blood volume with key ergogenic ingredients to be at your mental and physical best before the workout starts. Don’t wait until half way through to start feeling good. You should be busting at the seams to hit new personal bests. Each time… every time!


HemoRush™ Tactics: Patented Formula Spikes Force Production and Energy Metabolism


The rapid accumulation of neural, metabolic, and muscular fatigue is clinically documented to reduce peak power output, rate of force development, and absolute strength. Each of these qualities play a critical role in the rate at which we are able to achieve greater size, strength, and performance. HemoRush™ attacks muscle performance on three fronts; energy metabolism, blood volume, and neurotransmission. The result is a heightened ability to lift, grow, and recover.

The HemoRush™ Pre-Workout Power Matrix is specially designed to create a synergistic effect between all ingredients. The result is an uncompromising formula that does what no other product on the market can do:


  • Increase plasma nitric oxide for extreme skin-bursting pumps*
  • Boost energy*
  • Enhance mental clarity and focus*
  • Delay the onset of muscular fatigue*
  • Improve strength output via neuromuscular activation*
  • Promote better body composition and fat burning *


HemoRush™ is a pre-workout beast designed to deliver results that will get you noticed.

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