June 30, 2011 16:54





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June 30, 2011 16:54


Nutrabolics India



Team Nutrabolics India conducted a 3-stop Supplement Education Seminar in India at Mumbai, Pune, Kolhapur. The seminar was attended by more than 3000 Trainers, and was the first of it's kind from a North American Supplement Company in India.


Attendees had the chance to sample products from the entire Nutrabolics range, and learn about the benefits of the products for themselves and their clients.


Mr. Shashi Hotkar, winner of the Mr. Mumbai 2011 Bodybuilding Title, was present at the Seminar and was proudly named Brand Ambassador for Nutrabolic Products in India. 


“Since I have started using Nutrabolic Products I have seen lot of changes in my physique, and I can honestly and proudly say that Nutrabolics supplements played a major role for me in winning the Title of Mr. Mumbai’2011”.


A big thank you to everyone from Team Nutrabolics India, RR Sport, for conducting such a wonderful event.

June 30, 2011 16:53


Jayson Wyner



Congratulations to Jayson A. Wyner, Vice President of Nutrabolics, for winning the title of Muscle Insiders Best Abs Contest held at June 17th’s Toronto Pro Show!


The competition was hosted by Canada’s #1 Bodybuilding Magazine Muscle Insider, judged by six time Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates and contestants included Mark Gilbert, Dean Brandt and Jayson Wyner – all of whom are known for their unprecedented training & diet advice and for being in excellent condition all year round.


Although Mark and Dean came in ripped, it was Jayson’s deep cut abs and striated veins that set him above the rest.


Because of the amazing shape Jayson is in year round he only started to change his routine three days out from the competition where he added an extra 30 minutes of cardio per day, increased his dose of ThermalXTC and followed his signature WNS pre-contest depletion program to help prepare him for competition.

June 30, 2011 16:51




MMA Superstar Diego "The Dream" Sanchez returned to Canada last month for an exclusive Nutrabolics Retail Appearance at One Whey Nutrition in Port Coquitlam, BC.  

Fans lined up by the hundreds for their chance to meet the MMA superstar, just months before his headlining fight against Matt Hughes. 

A special thank-you to Diego and to all the staff at One Whey Nutrition for making this such a great event!

June 30, 2011 16:50




Team Nutrabolics was in full-force earlier this month at 2011 IFBB Toronto Pro SuperShow Expo at the Metro Toronto Convention Center in Toronto, Ontario. 

The Nutrabolics booth was front and centre at this year's show and was the place to be, as we were fully-loaded with the premier selection of the hottest fitness models from Canada, and we were giving out 1000's of samples of all of our products. 


Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth! We look forward to seeing you again next year!