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    Anabolic state is a high-tech muscle catalyst designed to proactively stimulate muscle growth, speed up recovery, and reduce delayed-onset muscle soreness. With 10,000mg of HICA, BCAAs, and aminos, ANABOLIC STATE is a critical component to any precision training strategy. Now available in our new mouthwatering watermelon flavour.


Heavyweight bodybuilders Mike Johnson and Mahmoud Al Durrah team up for a hardcore weight training session powered by SWOLLEN™.    


    Nutrabolics is proud to announce the signing of IFBB Pro Fitness Model Nichole Venzara.  Nichole is a 24 year old from Orlando, Florida who turned pro after her first trip to nationals and only three previous competitions. When she's not on the stage Nichole is a registered pediatric nurse.  Though she trains and competes for fun, Nichole has an immense love for the bodybuilding sport and has been a long-time supporter of Nutrabolics.  "I am very excited for this opportunity: being able to promote Nutrabolics through my prep, training and occupation," says Nichole. Nutrabolics is very happy to welcome Nichole to the team and wish her the best of luck as she finishes the final few weeks of her competition prep for the Miami Pro Show.


    Nutrabolics President Jayson Wyner stepped on stage for his first time earlier this month at one of Canada’s largest Bodybuilding, Figure, Fitness, Bikini and Physique competitions, the Sandra Wickham Fall Classic.  This year's show drew over 300 competitors, making it the largest competition in the show's history.  Wyner decided to enter the federation's newest category; Male Physique. Judged on proper shape, symmetry, and conditioning, physique competitors were generally marked down for extreme muscularity, making Wyner's status in the category a blowout relative to the other competitors.  "I think I came into the SWFC with my biggest and best physique yet and I definitely have a new-found respect for the science and art of competitive bodybuilding," says Wyner.   "I had a great time at the show and am thankful for everyone's support."  Wyner has given plenty of thought to his 2013 schedule and is currently considering the possibility of a middle-weight bodybuilding category entry.


  Scott Welch of Muscle Insider recently reviewed Nutrabolics' new powder form of SWOLLEN™.  Watch his video and find out what he had to say on this hard-hitting pre-workout.


    Nutrabolics has formally announced that its brand new supplement - Creatine 2XC - has now advanced to the testing phases in preparation for a worldwide launch.  This potent 2x concentrated creatine HCL matrix is design to support accelerated protein tissue repair, increased lean body mass, enhanced cell volumization, delayed muscular fatigue, and more efficient ATP production.


    2 weeks ago Nutrabolics announced its first ever "Think Massive Challenge", which will pit two bodybuilders against each other in a 3 month muscle-building challenge for the ultimate prize of an extended sponsorship with Nutrabolics.  After hundreds of entries and an extensive selection process two candidates have been chosen: Peter Wicks from New York and James Ludwig from Colorado.  We would like to wish both contestants the best of luck.


  Get ready to harness your untapped potential with the fat-fighting power of CARNIBOLIC™.


  Nicki shares her video review of our low carb, triple-isolate protein, ISOBOLIC™.


Hello Nutra Fanatics!   With winter setting in most of us are going into a little bit of a hibernation and it is no surprise that thoughts of vacations down south, and the holidays start to set in. This year has been an absolute whirlwind and I am so glad that I finally have a few months to relax (just a little bit), make some concerted effort to improve my competition physique for the 2013 season, and keep doing what I love – being part of the fitness industry!   Here’s a rundown on how the past 52 weeks looked for me (outside of my day to day as a Manager in Human Resources):   Oct 2011, competed in and placed 4th at the IFBB Border States Pro Figure Nov 2011, relocated to the East Coast of Canada Dec 2012, joined the NSABBA executive and became a provincial level judge Jan 2012, started my competition prep for the Europa Show of Champions, and assisted the NSABBA with their Competition Preparation Seminar     Mar 2012, attended the Arnold Sports festival, shot with Oxygen Magazine Apr 2012, competed at and placed 7th at the Europa Show of Champions in Orlando, Florida. In my own opinion, I thought this to have been one of my best ‘looks’ to date, but I’m not a judge ;-) May 2012, competed at and placed 9th at the California Pro Figure. Not my greatest show, but when life stress collides with competition, it manifests itself in the form of a flat physique – onwards and upwards! June 2012, competed at and placed 5th at the Toronto Pro Figure. Very happy with this result – after a 13th last year I was gunning for top 5 so I was stoked with this placing – plus Ontario is my home turf! I also shot with Oxygen Magazine that same week as well as did a guest stint on City TV’s Breakfast Television with Inside Fitness magazine, to promote the Toronto Pro Supershow     July 2012, competed at and placed 2nd  at the Chicago Pro Figure. A 2nd place finish!!! My highest ever as an IFBB Pro in a tough 22 women line up – ecstatic at this show.     August 2012, took a much needed vacation to Vancouver and also attended the Nutrabolics’ Black Out party – celebrating 10 years of Nutrabolics success with great friends and exceptional athletes. Sept 2012, competed at and placed 11th  at the Tournament of Champions. Not my best show, but heck it was a great warm up for the Olympia and who doesn’t enjoy a trip to LA?! Later that month I signed with the prestigious FMG (Fitness Management Group) which exclusively manages the best athletes in the IFBB – go Team FMG!!! This was a great lead into the 2012 Figure Olympia where I competed for the second year in a row, representing both Canada and Nutrabolics – such a blessing! Being on stage with the best in the world is an amazing experience. I placed 16th in a competitive 25 women line up – do I need to make improvements, absolutely, but I have definitely worked my butt off to get onto that stage J     Oct 2012, competed at and placed 5th   at the Ft Lauderdale Cup. Hurray!!! A top 5 finish and Olympia Qualification Standings Points for next year – made my goal of a Top 5 “end of season” finish after 36 weeks of dieting, competing and working hard in every aspect of my life. Post show I shot with FMG (JM Manion) on the beautiful beaches of Ft Lauderdale with my figure comrade Candice Lewis, and bikini beauties Yesheira Robles and Yarelis Gonzalez. This week I am celebrating my Halloween birthday and finally getting an off season J   So there you have it – my year in review, and what an exciting roller coaster it was. I cannot wait for the big things that are going to happen in the future. I am going to be switching gears on my training, arming myself with my Nutrabolics product arsenal to fuel all my training needs, and work hard at coming into 2013 with a bang. I am going to be reverting back to a lot of basic bodybuilding type movements to help build some size onto my upper body, as well as beefing up the quad sweep. Winning a pro card was and is a huge feat, but all the work it takes to ‘make it’ as a pro is incredible. With a different panel of judges at each show, physiques rewarded differently from coast to coast, and your own personal battle of constantly improving, it seems like there is never enough information out there to answer all a competitor’s questions or enough time in a day to make everything come together.   As this is a Nutrabolics’ blog I thought I would take this opportunity to rave about the product I am loving now – Nutrabolics Carnibolic in Watermelon flavour! This product is a mouth-watering, delicious alternative to regular carnitine products, and gives the body what it needs to help burn fat, increase muscle definition and to optimize your training sessions. I’ve been using it pre workout to get the supplementation I need, while staying hydrated. Carnibolic utilizes 4 different purified forms of the amino acid L-Carnitine (Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCL, L-Carnitine HCL, L-Carnitine Tartrate, and L-Carnitine Fumarate) – try saying that 5 times fast!  In addition to Carnibolic, I am back on the ‘shake train’ taking full advantage of my off season meal plan and enjoying my Athlete’s Food post workout as well as Isobolic in the evenings with some almond butter.   Time to hit the gym, but make sure you check back next month for my holiday waist explosion ‘avoidance’ tips, as well as some winter recipes – Eat, Sleep, Train, Repeat!   Yours in health,   Natalie


  Nutrabolics recently announced that as of October 18th 2012, Canadian bodybuilder Michael Johnson is officially a signed member of its growing team of athletes.   Representing one of the biggest names Nutrabolics has ever signed to its brand, Johnson commands a massive presence in the Canadian and international bodybuilding community.  The 31 year old from Chateauguay, Quebec conquered the Canadian Bodybuilding Nationals just last year, where hetook the Men’s Super Heavy-weight division by storm and was crowned with the Overall title.  After 9 years of reaching for his dream Johnson earned his IFBB Pro status and the prestigious title of “Mr. Canada 2011”.    Despite his massive success, Johnson initially held off from forming a relationship with a supplement company. “I guess I felt that it was important for me to align with a Canadian brand, and one that represented quality sports supplements,” says Johnson.  “After my early discussions with President Jayson Wyner and CEO Rodney Dupont, it became obvious to me that Nutrabolics was a natural fit.”   “Mike Johnson has quickly become Canada's top bodybuilding talent, and we believe this is just the beginning for him," says Nutabolics CEO Rodney Dupont. "Mike holds unlimited potential in this sport, and we look forward to helping him grow into one of the best bodybuilders in the world.”   Mike is currently touring the East Coast until the end of October, where he will be signing at local gyms, and holding diet and training seminars.  Fans can check the Nutrabolics facebook page to find out if Mike will be stopping in their area


Nutrabolics commanded a massive presence at the 2012 Olympia, which took place from September 27th-30th.  This year's show was busier than ever with an expanded floor plan that saw a massive crowd of athletes and consumers from around the world.  This year the Nutrabolics booth featured the hottest top models such as Playboy Playmate Alana Campos and IFBB Bikini Pro Melissa Morrison, as well as an appearance from MMA Superstar Alistair Overeem.  Several thousand fans, consumers, and business partners stopped by the booth over the 2 days of the show to check out product samples and Nutrabolics' latest supplement innovations.  Thank you to our distribution partners, athletes, and fans for making the event our biggest and best Olympia yet! IFBB Figure Pro Natalie Waples tells about what its like to compete on the Olympia stage. Playboy Playmate and International Brazilian Model Alana Campos shares her experience of being at the Olympia for the first time and connecting with her fans in person. Rachel Killam Interviews Nutrabolics' Olympia Contest winner Tony Welch. Nutrabolics Athlete John Carter stops by the Nutrabolics booth for an interview. WBFF Bikini Pro Mindy Karuk shares her recent competition results and some of her tips to stay fit while touring.


  Scott Welch of Muscle Insider recently reviewed our 16lb lean mass gainer MASS FUSION.™  Check out his video review to see what he thought of this seriously anabolic supplement.


Nutrabolics was a hot focal point at this year's CHFA East trade show (October 5th-6th) with the launch of its brand new L-Carnitine supplement, CARNIBOLIC.™  WBFF Bikini Pro Lisa Delahaye and import model Jen Ngyuen were on site in Toronto at this year's show to share supplement tips and mix up samples for hundreds of consumers that stopped by the Nutrabolics booth.


Get ready to harness your untapped potential with the figure-sculpting power of CARNIBOLIC.™    Building on the breakthroughs of Nutrabolics' original L-CARNITINE 1000™, CARNIBOLIC™ utilizes 4 different purified forms of the amino acid L-Carnitine: Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCL, L-Carnitine HCL, L-Carnitine Tartrate, and L-Carnitine Fumarate.  This exclusive Quattrocarn Matrix is scientifically designed to maximize the utilization of fatty acids as an energy source, helping to reduce your body's tendency to store fat and working to improve muscular definition.

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