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Swollen goes global

  Nutrabolics Athlete Casandra Bella gets her SWOLE on in Mexico with Swollen™   Watch for Casandra in the Toronto area where she will be doing demos at Popeyes Supplements. Check out our Facebook page to see where she will be next.   Follow Casandra on Twitter @BellaBeachBody

The Importance of Rest and Recovery

        There’s an old training belief that states, “there’s no such thing as overtraining just under resting;” and this couldn’t be more accurate. In the world of exercise, be it professional sports or everyday fitness; rest and recovery are two of the most important yet undermined aspects of effective training.     During bouts of moderate to intense training the body goes through many processes including tissue damage, acidic build up and general wear and tear. In order to prepare itself for similar future situations the body has to have a period of building and repair; this may include rest days, extra sleep, a slight increase in calories, more efficient caloric timing and supplementation.  Demands on athletes to perform at high levels to overcome competition makes overtraining an easily attained outcome. With athletes beginning their careers at younger ages there is a continued demand to work harder, longer and more often to keep up with the opposition.     Some clear signs of overtraining can include a weakened immune system, intense soreness, loss of appetite, an increase in junk food cravings, trouble sleeping and even injury. Overtraining may also lead to a decline in performance; increased fat storage, decreased strength and stamina, and even poor cognitive function.  There are a number of effective ways to avoid and reduce the effects of overtraining and to ensure the most out of rest and recovery periods. Some of these methods include:   Sufficient Rest Periods – making sure you have the right amount of rest will not only help the body and mind recover from the extra strain of training but can also increase performance when you return. Dedicate one to two days fully to rest and avoid training completely.   Proper Nutrition – making sure your body is getting the right types of fuel in the right amounts at the right times is as important, if not more as your training regime itself. Be sure to educate yourself on the right kind of nutrition for your goals and consult a nutrition coach who is familiar with your training.   Sufficient Quality of Sleep – besides the obvious benefits from a good night’s rest, our sleep provides several benefits directly related to athletic performance. During periods of rest hormones such as human growth hormone and testosterone are released and assist in muscle growth and repair. In order for these hormones to be released properly a deep sleep and smooth transition between sleep patterns has to occur. Unfortunately during heavy training several aspects impede us from attaining quality sleep including mineral deficiency, overactive central nervous system and more. Some ways to help promote sufficient sleep quality can include avoiding stimulants 4-6 hours before bedtime and also proper supplementation which we will cover below.   Proper Supplementation – heavy training causes our bodies to work harder and require more than the average person. Although proper nutrition will help your body get many important nutrients supplementation is a great way to ensure it gets everything it needs. During intense training our bodies often become deficient in important vitamins, minerals and more. Some of these include:   Fluids – in other words; water. Be sure that every pound you lose during training is replaced by at least 500ml of water. It is very easy to become dehydrated from overtraining and this can lead to injury, headaches and more.   Electrolytes – these include sodium, potassium, chromium and more and are responsible for all of the electrical processes in your body. Without electrolytes your body would simply not work. A proper nutrition plan will ensure electrolyte recovery and products such as coconut water and Pedialyte can also help restore electrolytes lost during training.   Vitamins and Minerals – our bodies need a higher amount of vitamins and minerals when training heavily than is possible from nutrition alone. Be sure to include a balanced multivitamin in your daily intake.   Post-workout Nutrition – your nutrition should also include the right type of post-workout nutrition. After a hard workout our bodies are most responsive to nutrients such as carbohydrates and protein to be used for growth and recovery without running the risk of fat storage. Be sure your post-workout nutrition includes a quick absorbing protein such as Whey Protein and a simple carb such as Dextrose or Wazy Maize. Taking 500-1000mg of vitamin C immediately after a workout will also reduce cortisol levels and aid in recovery.   Specific Recovery Supplements – there are a number of specific supplements designed to assist in recovery but it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. The most important substances to look for in a recovery supplement are zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6. This trio is directly responsible for increasing free testosterone absorption, increasing growth hormone peaks and smooth transition between sleep cycles. Other beneficial are Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and L-Tryptophan which when combined increase growth hormone production by up to 200% and also promote a restful sleep.   Hemotropin 2XC™– The Recovery Supplement Breadwinner     There are a number of supplements on the market to assist in recovery and finding the best one can prove to be difficult. An efficient recovery supplement should include zinc, magnesium, vitamin B6, GABA and more. Nutrabolics has heard the call and responded with the superhero of recovery supplements: Hemotropin 2XC™. This supplement includes a high dosage of all of the above mentioned as well as a slew of others including AstraGin, a powerful nutrient transporter as well a blend of amino acids that will heavily boost anabolic hormones, have you sleeping like a baby and ready for action in no time.    "The Importance of Rest and Recovery" Written by Nutrabolics Ricky Goodall.   

Nutrabolics is taking over

    In the past 10 years Nutrabolics has grown its global distribution chain across 5 continents, to over 70 countries worldwide. Today we shipped our 1st order to our new distribution partners in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.   We would like to thank all of our fans and customers for their loyal support.   Get in with the black & yellow. @Nutrabolics

Athlete blog

      Nicki Bucci – January 2013 Blog   Oftentimes people ask me what it is that keeps me motivated with my training and diet regime. I think when they ask this question they’re hoping to hear some magical recipe or they want to hear that I’m different somehow, so that they have an excuse because I must not be human or something. I probably let them down in the worst way. I’m not some kind of Energizer Bunny. I have daily struggles with energy levels and would LOVE to be a couch potato at times! So, in terms of being “motivated”; I’m not!   Let me explain……………. To me, motivation is fleeting and while it was what started me on my fitness journey it’s not what keeps me in‐line day to day. I was initially motivated to be fit and muscular instead of being the pudgy lump of a person I was. I wanted a change, a challenge and (I’ll be honest) to look HOT! In all the years of hard work that followed and at present, what keeps me on track isn’t motivation but momentum.   I’m one of those people who needs to be doing something almost constantly in order to stay interested. I need to IMMERSE myself into it, live it, BECOME it. This is why I only take a day or two off per week – anything longer and it’s the BIGGEST struggle to get back in the game! It’s just not worth it to me, I would rather suffer through when I’m not feeling “into it” and keep up momentum than give in and be sloth‐like, then struggle to get started again. This is of course while still listening to my body – if I’m feeling sick or something on a day that isn’t a scheduled rest then that’s a different story.   You can re‐arrange your schedule to work with your body while moving towards your goals. So you see…..momentum is key! The bottom line here after all this ranting is that I have an evolving goal and I put in the work to make it happen. Even if I no longer have pounds to lose or a competition coming up I still continue to work out, eat healthy and take my Nutrabolics supplements to support my efforts. I don’t want to undo the results I’ve worked so hard to achieve, OR even worse, become unhealthy or diseased now or in my advancing years. Maybe it’s fear that drives me? Who knows, but I figure why work for something so hard for let’s say 3‐4 months out of the year to let it all slip away in the off‐season? Then, you have to start all over again!   On those days when my bed looks a lot better than the dumbbells (trust me, it happens maybe more than I care to admit) I have to literally kick myself in the ass to get started, but I’ll do it anyways. Sometimes my workouts are lackluster but isn’t it better to have at least tried? Everything in nature ebbs and flows – human kind isn’t immune to this phenomenon. Remember that even if you’ve had a crappy workout, you’re still doing more than anybody who is sitting on the couch.   The moral of the story: The next time you feel like you just “don’t wanna”, know that EVERYBODY has days like that. Everything in life is a choice (this is an ongoing theme for me….you’ll read this line a LOT). You can either choose to let lazy take over or you can choose to be your BEST “you”. I hope you make the right choice!   - Nicki Nutrabolics Athlete Follow me @NICKOPATRA

Athlete video blog

    IFBB Fitness Pro & Nutrabolics Athlete Nikki Venzara updates us on her prep for FIBO POWER, in Germany.  FIBO will be the first competition of 2013 for Nikki, and we are very excited to be rooting her on. Follow Nikki on Twitter @nvenzara, and stay tuned for more video blog updates as she kicks off the 2013 Pro Season. 

First of Nutrabolics clothing line has arrived

      Nutrabolics Hats & Toques Now Available   ONLINE STORE  


    Creatine 2xc™ - Now Available®-launches-creatine-2xc™


    Congratulations to our January Athlete of the Month - fitness model & competitor Nicki Bucci.  Just recently included in the Inside Fitness Hot & Fit 100, Nicki is a proud representation of Nutrabolics. From Ontario, Nicki is on the Nutrabolics Toronto demo team.     Watch for her at a local Popeyes Supplements.   UPCOMING DEMO - February 11th at Popeyes Downtown TO from 5:30-8:30pm.   Haven't tried CARNIBOLIC™ yet? Nicki will be sampling out this new L-carnitine product. 

THINK MASSIVE Challenge Update

    Our THINK MASSIVE contestants are now 8 weeks into the competition, with 4 weeks to go. Both contestants were chosen from Bodyspace to go head to head in a 3 month beastly logging opportunity! They received 3 months worth of Nutrabolics products to get huge. The logger with the biggest & baddest gains, along with the best log will emerge victorious, winning even more product.  jludwi started at 194.8lbs and is up 9.8lbs.  pwicks started at 195 and is up 8lbs. Who will win & see the best results with Nutrabolics products? Check out their logs below.


    How Does Not Buying Protein for an Entire YEAR Sound?   One very lucky Nutra Fan will receive their own personal anabolic arsenal of our triple isolate, sustained-release protein, ISOBOLIC™.  We're talking 365 servings (that’s     25 lbs of pure protein!) How do you get in on this insane opportunity? Simple.   -          Snap a photo of yourself and post it on our Facebook page. Don’t forget to be creative; YOU must be in the picture! -          In your post, "TAG" the retailer where you purchase your Nutrabolics supplements. -          "LIKE" and "SHARE" the post   Now just sit back and cross your fingers; once we hit 50,000 LIKES on our Facebook page, we will be randomly awarding one of our photo submissions with a YEARS SUPPLY OF ISOBOLIC™! Good luck!


    Nutrabolics is proud to announce the signing of renowned fitness model Bree Lind. Bree is an accomplished athlete based out of Calgary, AB with an incredible report card of competition victories and top rankings. We are very excited to have her join us and feel that she is an excellent final 2012 addition to the Nutrabolics team.


Internationally acclaimed Canadian bodybuilding magazine Muscle Insider just released their latest supplement review on our 2x concentrated growth hormone support matrix, HEMOTROPIN 2XC.™ Scott Welch takes an in-depth look at the formulation behind this natural GH powerhouse.     


    Hey Nutra fans, we are pleased to announce that our brand new team page has gone live on Facebook!  Athlete Page 2.0 offers a slick new interface where our fans can access exclusive videos, info, and biographies on their favourite Nutrabolics athletes. Enjoy!


    Our signature extreme fat-loss and energy supplement will soon be available in our new powdered form.  THERMAL XTC™ contains innovative ingredients like Red Raspberry Ketones, African Wild Mango Extract and Green Coffee Bean Extract. These superior thermogenic and euphoric ingredients are designed to provide massively increased fat-burning, enhanced focus, and a clean, consistent energy high, so you can stay slim and in the zone. Look for Nutrabolics THERMAL XTC™ powder in FLEX magazine's February issue in anticipation of its 2013 release.


  IFBB Pro and Nutrabolics athlete Mike Johnson made an exclusive appearance this month at Popeye’s Supplements Pointe-Claire location, near his hometown of Chateauguay, QC.  Mike met and greeted fans and staff at Popeyes, signed autographs and let fans in on a few supplement secrets.  He also came loaded with samples of our newest supplements, including the explosive preworkout, SWOLLEN. Quebec residents will not want to miss their chance to meet the 2011 Mr. Canada; stay tuned for news on his 2013 appearances. 

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