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    Nothing hits you harder or faster than Nutrabolics' new SWOLLEN™ 2x Ultra-Concentrated vaso-dilating pre-workout powder!  Not only will this clinically advanced formula super-charge your workout, it will get your blood pumping through your veins for maximum skin-bursting muscle pumps and vascularity unlike anything you've ever felt before.  Forget the fake stimulant highs that have disappointed you in other products.  Swollen's scientifically backed formula will give you the cleanest and most intense energy, focus, and aggression, guaranteed to result in the best workouts of your life!   For those who don't want to compromise or waste time with bullsh#t formulas that never live up to the hype... your time has finally come!   Get your SWOLE ON today with SWOLLEN!  Available exclusively in powder for Europe!


    MMA Superstar Shogun Rua will be embarking on a 3-stop Canadian retail tour in January following his headlining super-fight against Dan Henderson. This is a rare opportunity for you to meet the Brazilian MMA Superstar so make sure you purchase your advance VIP pass!   Shogun will be appearing at the following retailers:   Saturday, January 21 Supplement King Park Lane Mall  5657 Spring Garden Rd Halifax, Nova Scotia   Sunday, January 22 Hercs St. Catharines 366 Bunting Road St. Catharines, Ontario   Hercs Waterloo 98 Weber Street N Waterloo, Ontario   Fans can purchase advance VIP passes at any of the above locations that will guarantee them a spot in the VIP line at that location's appearance and an autograph from Shogun.   VIP passes are limited to the first 400 customers (while supplies last).  One autograph per VIP pass and per customer.  General admission is first come, first served.   For more information e-mail


Don't miss our online Black Friday Promotion from Friday, November 25 to Tuesday, November 30.   Click here to LIKE Nutrabolics on Facebook to activate your Exclusive Black Friday Promo Code!


    Nutrabolics will be taking Sportex Middle East 2011 by storm!  This year’s premier international event for the sports, fitness, and health industries in the Middle East will be held at the Dubai World Trade Center, December 12-14 in Dubai, UAE.   Nutrabolics is going to be a major exhibitor at the expo, so be sure to stop by our booth for free samples and the latest news on your favorite Nutrabolics products!

Blog of the Month: LAURA SHEARER

    Hey Everyone,   I am Laura Shearer, a Canadian National Level Bikini competitor. I have been Fitness competing for 2 years now and have completed four shows. I have been an athlete my whole life, I was a CIS All-Canadian athlete in Women’s hockey for Dalhousie,  an Equestrian competitor, I also enjoy playing soccer and any other sport I can fit in with my busy schedule, along with training. Fitness competing is something new I decided to try. I had been training for years as an athlete and decided to enter a show based on that training. I love training as an athlete and living a healthy life-style. Being a competitor gives you that extra motivation to train, and keep focused on healthy living style which is something I strive for no matter when and what I am training for. Being 6 months out from my next competition, sometimes its hard to stay focused, but the pre-season workouts are the foundation for success. My schedule is training twice a day, with cardio in the morning, to ensure I get my ½ hr in, and weight training later in the day. My diet is to eat clean year round, but in pre-season I ‘clean it up’ even more, with only having 1 cheat meal a week. This cheat meal, not cheat day, still includes a good source of protein,  complex carbs and lots of vegetables. I round out my clean eating with using the Nutrabolic products, Hemodrene for Her as a preworkout energizer,  Anabolic State before and after my workouts to minimize muscle soreness and Iso-bolic protein shake, or Fighter food depending on my work tmes, after my workout. My weekly workout schedule is as follows: 30 minutes of moderate cardio in the mornings to start my day Mon - quads and calves Tues – chest and triceps – Hockey at night Wed - back and biceps Thurs – cardio Fri – shoulders – Hockey at night Sat – Glutes and Hams Sun - Rest   Right now I am employed by Fitness Leader, doing an exciting project , which is developing an online exercise library. It will be one of the largest online fitness video libraries available on the web. As well, I am doing promotional work for Nutabolics every Monday evening at Supplement King located in Park Lane Mall (next to Goodlife Fitness) in Downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia.  It is great to be involved with these promos so I can educate customers on the benefits of all of the great Nutrabolics products I use. I also must find time to squeeze in some studying, to finish my Sociology degree at Dalhousie by December. It’s a busy schedule but it keeps me focused.  Being prepared is the key to success!

TESTIMONIAL: Adrian Veinot

    Tonight I used a full serving of Swollen and 2 serving of Anabolic State. Energy was just right, focus was sharp and both still going without any jitters, anxiety, restlessness or heart burn. I think I could 1.5 dose the Swollen for an even better kick. As for pump it is a SOLID and DENSE pump, far different from the superficial smooth, washed and bloated pumps from a NO/pump sup. I can only compare Swollen to one other product I used for the density, fullness, and staying power. Swollen however is MUCH easier to administer (not 3 hours pre WO and 4 hours away from mouth wash usagae due to nitrates bla blah blah lol..) and the caps are half the size. I hope you dont mind the honest review, I will fill you in if things get even better after 2 days of use. As for Anabolic state it tastes fantastic! Ive never really "feel" bcaa drinks but I can say that this one's taste, smooth light consistancy is the best I've ever had. I also noticed that my water bottle had next to no white drink residue on the nozzel at the end of my workout, more bcaa's in my muscle not down the drain.   Adrian Veinot  


    Nutrabolics was a major exhibitor this month at CHFA Expo East 2011, the largest health food & supplement retail trade event in Canada. With thousands in attendance at this years show, the Nutrabolics booth was definitely one of the busiest booths at the show.   Thank you to all of the Canadian Retailers who stopped by our booth! We look forward to seeing you again next year!


    MMA Superstar Shogun Rua will embark on a multi-stop Canadian retail tour in December, immediately after his headlining fight against Dan Henderson. This is a rare opportunity for you to meet the Brazilian MMA Superstar so make sure you purchase an advance VIP pass!  Shogun will be appearing at Supplement King in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Hercs in Warerloo, Ontario, and Hercs in St. Catharines, Ontario. Exact signing dates yet to be announced, make sure you join and for up to the minute details and info!


  Nutrabolics was in full-force this month in Madrid, Spain for the inaugural Arnold Classic Europe. The Nutrabolics booth was front and centre at the show and was the place to be, as we were fully-loaded with the premier selection of the sexiest fitness models from across Europe. We also unveiled and successfully launched our newest product innovations - Swollen, Thermal XTC, and Anabolic State - which were a huge success and are already taking the European bodybuilding community by storm!   We would like to thank everyone who stopped by our booth, and our great fitness century distribution partner from Spain. We will see you again next year!  


    Team Nutrabolics was in full force in Las Vegas last month for the 2011 Mr. Olympia Expo, the #1 trade show in the world for bodybuilding & fitness. The huge Nutrabolics island booth was front and centre at this year's show and was the place to be, as we were fully-loaded with the premier selection of the hottest fitness models from across North America, and the top athletes from around the world, including MMA Superstar Frank Mir who had a line-up all weekend that never ended.  It was an eventful and energy-charged weekend and was a smashing success for our brand!    We would like to thank everyone who stopped by our booth, including all of our international distribution partners who made the trip to Las Vegas.  We look forward to seeing you all again next year!


    ThermalXTC™ is The Future of Extreme Fat Burning Stimulants, clinically-designed to give you uncompromising results. Scientifically-formulated with such highly-potent rapid-acting thermogenic & euphoric ingredients as Naturally-Sourced Geranium, Rare Wild Nutmeg Exract, and African Mango Extract, test subjects on just one of these key ingredients burned as much as 12 lbs of fat in just 30 days!    Backed by Science, ThemalXTC™ is the only product on the market capable of producing the ultimate euphoric fat-loss high!  Try it to today, we guarantee you will never forget this extreme fat loss experience!

Nutrabolics introduces Laura Shearer

    Nutrabolics® is proud to welcome 2011 NSABBA Bikini Champion, Laura Shearer, to the team.     Laura is one of Canada's future stars in the bikini division, and she looks to qualify for her IFBB Pro Card in 2012.   "I am very excited to be joining the Nutrabolics team," says Shearer. "Supplements play a key role in my daily nutrition and with Nutrabolics' large variety of great products, there is something for everyone.  Whether you are a high performance athlete looking for that extra edge in your training, or in need of some dietary supplements to help get your proper daily intake of vitamins and minerals, Nutrabolics has it all. As a National bikini competitor, former varsity athlete and personal trainer, I know the extreme importance of proper supplementing to ensure maximum performance."   "Not only is Laura an up & coming bikini competitor and fitness model, she is already a very accomplished athlete who understands how to motivate people. We are very happy to have her a part of Team Nutrabolics." said Rodney Dupont, CEO of Nutrabolics®.    Under the contract terms, Laura will make appearances to promote the Nutrabolics® brand of leading-edge sports supplements all across the Maritimes.    If your store or gym in the Maritimes is interested in finding out how they can schedule a Laura Shearer retail appearance, sponsored by Nutrabolics®, please contact   Nutrabolics® Inc., based in British Columbia, Canada, is a leading worldwide manufacturer, marketer, and distributor of premium sports nutrition products.


    The 2011 Mr. Olympia Expo will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, September 16th and 17th, in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Nutrabolics will be a major exhibitor at this years' expo (booth #1212) with our huge island booth! We will be giving out 10,000's of samples and will be launching our three newest product breakthroughs: Anabolic State, Swollen and Thermal XTC. MMA Superstar Frank Mir will be signing autographs and posing for pictures from 11am-4pm on Friday and Saturday.    Import Supermodel Carolyn Savage will also be on hand signing autographs and posing for pictures all weekend. Key executives that will be attending include Nutrabolics' CEO Rodney Dupont and Vice-President Jayson Wyner.


    MMA Legend Alistair "The Demolition Man" Overeem made a special stop in Poland last month for a 3-stop Nutrabolics Seminar Tour in Warsaw, Olsztyn, and Częstochowa.  Hundreds of MMA athletes attended, for their chance to train with the MMA legend. Alistair also promoted Nutrabolics products, and the new R2F Ready 2 Fight Pre-training Powder, his favorite Nutrabolics' training supplement. A special thank-you to Alistair for making the trip to Poland, and to our Polish Distribution partner for making this such a great event!                


    Nutrabolics was in full-force this past month in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the 2011 Rio Sport Show, the largest sports, fitness, and wellness fair in South America.  UFC Superstar Junior Dos Santos was on hand to represent Nutrabolics, and he was a massive hit, drawing huge lines of fans looking for a picture and autograph from the MMA Prodigy who will be fighting for the UFC Heavyweight Championship at UFC 139 in November. The Nutrabolics booth was packed, and was definitely one of the busiest booths at the show. The Nutrabolics Girls were busy all weekend demo'ing out samples of Fighter's Food, which was making it's official launch in Brazil!  Fighter's Food was definitely the talk of the show and looks poised to become one of the biggest selling products in Brazil in no time!   We would like to thank our Brazilian Distribution partner and everyone who stopped by our booth. We look forward to seeing you all again in Rio de Janeiro next year!      

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