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    If you want to maximize your periods of enhanced muscle recovery and nutrient absorption before and after training, ANABOLIC WINDOW™ has redefined innovation in post-workout nutrition.   This recharged, award-winning formula contains 45g of fast-absorbing super carbs, a massive 43g of ultra-premium designer proteins, and 12g of enhanced BCAAs and Amino Acids.  These critical elements are engineered to catalyze glycogen formation, enhance nutrient transportation, and accelerate muscle growth and recovery, helping you to surpass your goals.


    Announcing this month's WALL OF BLACK winner, FUEL of Abbotsford, British Columbia.  Their excellent Nutrabolics display made them an easy choice for this month's Nutrabolics Award!   The WALL OF BLACK Contest is an exclusive Canadian retailer program; if your store or gym is interested in entering the WALL OF BLACK contest for a chance to win monthly prizes and global exposure, please submit all entries to


    Nutrabolics was down in Melbourne, Australia this month for FIT X 2012, Australia's  largest sports & fitness expo.  Tens of thousands of fans attended this year’s show and the Nutrabolics booth was definitely a focal point.  MMA Superstar Brian Ebersole was on location at the Nutrabolics booth signing autographs and posing for pictures with thousands of loyal fans.  We would like to thank our distribution partner Elite, Brian Ebersole, and everyone who stopped by our booth to check out the latest Nutrabolics supplements. We look forward to seeing you all again in Australia next year!


    We are pleased to announce that Nutrabolics has been awarded 2 Canadian Supplement Awards for 2011: "Best Post-Workout Supplement" for Anabolic Window™ and "Best Carbohydrate Supplement" for Waxybolic™.  Backed by Canada's #1 Muscle-Building Magazine, Muscle Insider, the Supplement Awards are now among the most prestigious honors in the supplement industry. This year’s awards were announced during the 2012 Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio.


    Nutrabolics is getting fired up for the upcoming FIBO 2012 exhibition, which is being held at the Essen Exhibition Center from April 19-22 in Essen, Germany.  Make sure you stop by our massive European island booth for your chance to meet Team Nutrabolics' athletes and our sexy European fitness models.  Nutrabolics' CEO Rodney Dupont and Vice-President Jayson Wyner will also be attending this year's show.  


    NUTRABOLICS is the Official Title Sponsor of the 2012 NSABBA Provincial Championships being held in Halifax, Canada on April 14th! Nutrabolics Brand Ambassador Danielle MacPherson will be competing in the physique category, and fellow Team Nutrabolics Athletes and Ambassadors, Adrian Veinot, Jonathan Sharpe and Shannon Lynch will be attending the event as well!


    Nutrabolics has launched it's brand new online store, a one-stop experience to access all of your favourite Nutrabolics products.  Also, thanks to your excellent feedback, we've streamlined our ordering process in an effort to make your Nutrabolics shopping experience even easier!  In celebration of our grand opening we are offering up to 25% off on select supplements, FREE bottles of Superfats™ for orders over $119, and a FREE shaker cup and shipping for orders over $75.

BLOG OF THE MONTH: Adrian Veinot

    Hello #Swoldier's,   Thank you for reading my first blog. My Name is Adrian Veinot.  I have been training hard for 8 years as I work towards being the best aesthetic package I can be. Working out initially started for me as a stress reducer; now, though it is still a stress reducer, I feel that I approach my training at times like a scientist or an artist, making calculated choices and putting them into action to reach an overall goal. Don't get me wrong, training is still and always will be a labor of love, but now after 5 years of tweaking and re-tweaking my physique, I've found that it's time to dial in and get serious.   Big things are on the way for me.  Up first is a video shoot for Nutrabolics, and April 1st 2012 I fly from my home town of Halifax, Nova Scotia to Los Angeles, California to work with the fantastic team from to film product information video's about  Nutrabolics' supplement line. I am extremely excited, the journey, the job, and the out come will all be a great experience and exposure for me as I prepare to storm the stage after a 5 year hiatus.   My first show will be the WBFF May 26th Halifax, Nova Scotia show where I plan to compete in the muscle model division. I am excited for the opportunity to compete against the “best of the best”.  Even better is that the show happens a few blocks from my home and my friends, family, clients and fans will be able to see me show-off up close and personal. If all  goes to plan and I win and or attain pro status, I intend on competing again at the WBFF world championships on August 24-25th 2012 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.   Right now at eight weeks out my diet is right on track, lots of healthy fish, chicken, and lean beef. I still have some sugars in my meal plan all incorporated around pre and post workout. My nutrition plan is unlike most other fitness types who consume the 5-8 small portion meals a day. I eat a what is called a 16/8 IMF (16 hour by 8 hour intermittent fasting), Simply explained I dont eat for 16 hours of the day and then consume all my meals within an 8 hour window. I don't under eat, I simply condense all my meals that would have been spaced every 2.5 hours into a few larger meals with my 8 hour time frame. I am not saying my style is superior its simply the style I prefer and feel works best for my lifestyle.   A sample day would look like this:   •       5:30am wake up: ThermalXTC, one serving anabolic state, one serving super fats, one serving hemotropin,3 grams L-Carnitine with 12oz water •       Cardio: LISS- low intensity steady state 45 minutes •       After cardio: Clients from 8-2 or 3pm •       12:00pm: ThermalXTC with 10oz water •       2:00-3:00pm:  2 scoops protein shake (Isobolic) + small handful of cashews or walnuts •       4:00pm: Egg Whites+ vegetables (no starchy carbs), CLA & Fish oil  •       1 hour before workout meal: Chicken and rice with an apple or strawberries •       30 minutes pre workout: Full serving of Swollen 3 grams L-Carnitine •       WORKOUT (Try to keep at 30-45 mins) •       Intra workout: full serving of Anabolic State •       Post workout: full serving Anabolic Window •       Dinner: 6oz chicken or white fish + vegetables + carbs (brown rice, sweet potato, Shirataki noodles  ) •       8:00-9:00: Cardio (45 minutes LISS) •       Before bed: protein (Isobolic)  + with cocoa powder and coconut shreds     My training regime is as follows   Monday: vertical press star complexes and Quad dominant Squat star complexes, Post workout cardio is 10 minutes of HIIT (high intensity interval cardio)   Tuesday: Bench press star complexes, and Dead-lifts star complexes   Wednesday: Off weights only Abdominal training with 10 minutes of post workout HIIT cardio   Thursday: Repeat in reverse order if Monday’s workout   Friday: Repeat in reverse of Tuesday's workout with 10 minutes post workout HIIT cardio   Saturday and Sunday: Off weights, cardio and abs only.     I hope this gives everyone a little insight to how I am prepping for my shoots and upcoming shows, in blogs to come I will be going into more detail of how, why, and for what reason my supplement regime is the way it is, as well as more detail into the exercises, sets, reps and fine details of my strength training.   I'd like to thank you again for checking out my blog, if you have any questions of comments feel free to look me up on Twitter @adrianveinot, or on Facebook (Adrian Veinot). Follow along with me throughout my journey as I share tips, tricks, and my secretes to achieving a better body.   Train smart & train hard.     Adrian Veinot  

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