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    "If you want something so bad you will do whatever it takes to get. Those things you say want but aren't willing to go the length to get, you’re just talking sh#t" - Jonni Shreve I remember writing that and really reading it over and over going in depth and deeper into what that statement really means. The power of "want" and the action that must go along with it for "want" to really have any meaning.   I’m going somewhere with this so hold tight! I use to always look at movie stars and pro athletes as different people that were "super" in nature, but the only big difference between them and the rest of the regular public is their actions. And that brings us back to "want". Its not the case that they are different, its the actions in each of their lives that drove them to do whatever it took to get them where they are.    We can correlate this with training and our goals. My goal is to win at nationals and win my pro card. That is probably the same for the rest of those athletes competing at nationals this year. I always believe that whatever you are doing when training, someone else is out there out training you. Therefore there is someone out there that wants it more than you. Whether it be true or just motivation if you want something you must do everything it takes to get it! If that means one more rep, one more sets, added minutes to cardio, stricter diet, passing up on partying, drinking, whatever it is it must back up your "want" for whatever it is.   Be willing to sacrifice anything that will get in the way of your dreams. It is necessary to cut all ties with those things that will jeopardize that which you strive for. With great sacrifice comes great reward! Lets see if i can practice what I preach! 16 weeks out!   Keep striving! Elevate your life!  

Wall of Black: July 2012

  Congratulations to Powerhouse Nutrition in Edmonton for winning our July retailer Wall of Black Contest. They will receive $500 in their choice of Nutrabolics products. Do you know a store that has a sexy wall of black? Send your August entries to

Nutrabolics Nominated for's 2012 Break-Out Brand of the Year! has officially opened the polls for their 8th annual Supplement Awards.  Nominees have been selected from over 8,000 products for 23 different awards, which represent industry leaders in quality and effectiveness.  Brands were selected based on customer reviews and purchases on over the past year, and Nutrabolics is thrilled to announce their nomination for the 2012 Break-Out Brand of the Year Award. "The awards are the most prestigious supplement awards in the world, we are excited and honoured to be nominated for Break-Out Brand of the Year" says Nutrabolics CEO Rodney Dupont."This major award is given to the most improved supplement company, and being nominated in this category really shows our distributors, retailers, and customers across the globe the impact our brand is making on the industry."  Nutrabolics has big things in store for the rest of 2012, including the release of it's long-awaited HEMOTEST 2XC and HEMOTROPIN 2XC, and a award win would make for the perfect finish to a fast-paced year. Nutrabolics will be relying on their loyal customers and fans for support, and will be giving away $1000 in Nutrabolics supplements to one lucky voter if they win Break-Out Brand of the Year!  Voting runs from now until August 13th, and the winners will be announced at this year's Olympia in Las Vegas.  Fans can vote for Nutrabolics at:


    Congratulations to our Brand Ambassador Manager Rachel Killam, who won both her height class and Overall Figure at the 2012 BC Provincials this weekend. Rachel is now a national level figure competitor and will be competing in the upcoming Nationals on August 11th.


    Are you ready to ignite muscle growth and power like never before?  Welcome to a new evolution in muscle building, HEMOTEST 2XC™ AND HEMOTROPIN 2XC.™ Based on the revolutionary science behind our HEMOTEST™ and HEMOTROPIN™ supplements, our new 2XC series boasts a formulation of powerful new ingredients that will take your body's natural ability to produce growth hormone and testosterone beyond the limits of what you though possible.   Driving HEMOTEST 2XC™ is the potent Bulbine Natalensis, which has been clinically proven to jack up testosterone levels by a staggering 347%, decrease estrogen levels by 35%, and even out-perform a major pharmaceutical prosexual drug in boosting sexual arousal!  At the core of HEMOTROPIN 2XC™ is a cutting edge GH Peptide Hexamino, which has even been proven to be as effective intravenously administered Growth Hormone Releasing Hormine (GHRH) in stimulating GH production.  While interacting with our signature R.E.M. Sleep enhancing Matrix this product is designed to stimulate fat-burning, maintain overnight anabolic processes, and produce more restful sleeps.   When stacked together HEMOTROPIN 2XC and HEMOTEST 2XC are designed to specifically to set you up for efficient gains in muscle growth and power.  This pair of hardcore supplements are set to release next month so stay posted.


    Nutrabolics® is excited to reveal the signing of Vancouver’s own fitness personality, Mindy Karuk.  The Manitoba-born athlete currently resides on the West Coast where she’s involved in a myriad of empowering projects.  Along with holding a WBFF Pro title, Mindy is also a personal trainer and lifestyle consultant, helping to change and shape lives while striving to keep them modest and genuine along the way.  Adding to her diverse list of personas are: radio show host, makeup artist, actress and writer.    “As a top-level WBFF Pro Fitness Diva & accomplished fitness celebrity, Mindy definitely lives the Nutrabolics lifestyle and we couldn’t be happier to have her as a valued member of Team Nutrabolics,” says Nutrabolics CEO, Rodney Dupont.   Despite being featured in over 10 major magazines, Mindy still retains the humble attitude that any real champion should possess.    When asked how she felt about her recent partnership, she mentioned that she is "…very proud and honoured to be aligned with Nutrabolics, and will look forward to a long relationship with them." Nutrabolics® wishes her the best of luck and looks forward to supporting her efforts in this new partnership.


    Nothing hits you harder or faster than the massive pumps and surging energy of SWOLLEN™, Nutrabolics’ 2x ultra-concentrated pre-workout.  Now available in our new powdered form, SWOLLEN™ is loaded with pure L-Citrulline, AstraGin,™ and our exclusive AE2™ Arginine Matrix.  Get ready for the fiercest workouts of your life!

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