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First of Nutrabolics clothing line has arrived

      Nutrabolics Hats & Toques Now Available   ONLINE STORE  


    (as seen in Muscle Insider)     Q: Hi Jayson, I’m 23 years old and have been training off and on for about 2 years. I take protein at every meal (20 to 30 g) and here are my best lifts: Squat 365 for 1; Bench 240 for 1; and I can curl 85 pounds for 5 with a slight swing on the last reps. My arms don’t seem to grow no matter how hard I hit them. What’s a good way to shock my arms into growth?    A:I think the best way to shock your arms into growth is to train them once every 5 days, have an anabolic diet based all around your training and make sure your really focusing on the muscle pump and contraction while not over training.. I think a total of 4 sets of 3 quality exercises per muscle group would be more than enough to start shocking your arms provided the rep range is at 10 reps per set.  I would suggest training arms mid afternoon with 2-3 carb meals in your system to ensure your training atoptimal energy level. By giving yourself the 2-3 meals your body is going to be fully loaded with the energy it will need to push your training to the limit to maximize the shocking of your arms. I would also recommend a great pre-workout such as SWOLLEN by Nutrabolics with a good amount of Arginine to really experience an excellent pump.  During your training I would also suggest drinking 20-30grams of BCAA’s to ensure your preserving your muscle mass and igniting muscle growth, I personally use 2-3 serving of Anabolic State during. Then there is the post workout recovery process, which is another extremely crucial time for your body as this is where the recovery and growth process all starts! I would suggest a good amount of protein 30-50grams along with 10 grams of BCAA’s and a quality carb supplement like Waxey Maze or Vitargo with 30-45grams of carbs. Then following this shake I would eat a meal within the hour. 


    MMA Superstar Shogun Rua will be embarking on a 3-stop Canadian retail tour in February, sponsored by Nutrabolics.  This is a rare opportunity for you to meet the Brazilian MMA Superstar so make sure you purchase your advance VIP pass!   Shogun will be appearing at the following retailers:   Saturday, February 11 Supplement King Park Lane Mall  5657 Spring Garden Rd Halifax, Nova Scotia   Sunday, February 12 Hercs St. Catharines 366 Bunting Road St. Catharines, Ontario   Hercs Waterloo 98 Weber Street N Waterloo, Ontario   Fans can purchase advance VIP passes at any of the above locations that will guarantee them a spot in the VIP line at that location's appearance and an autograph from Shogun.   VIP passes are limited to the first 400 customers (while supplies last).  One autograph per VIP pass and per customer.  General admission is first come, first served.   For more information e-mail


    Congratulations to Reflex Elmbridge in Richmond, British Columbia for their tremendous WALL OF BLACK display. Featuring a WALL of BLACK that spanned 9 feet high and 12 feet wide, this entrant rightfully won this month's award.   Coming in a close second, Vitality Health Foods in Sherwood Park, Alberta featured both a Wall and Mountain of Black. Thank you for the great display of support.   The WALL OF BLACK Contest is an exclusive Canadian retailer program; if your store or gym is interested in entering the WALL OF BLACK contest for a chance to win monthly prizes and global exposure, please submit all entries to


    This past month Nutrabolics participated at the Garuda Di Ototku Indonesia Bodybuilding Championship, held January 21-22 at the Integrity Convention Centre in Jakarta, Indonesia. Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth, we had a great turnout!


    The 2012 FitX Sport & Fitness Expo will be held at the Melbourne Exhibition Center, March 17-18 in Melbourne, Austraila and the Nutrabolics booth will be the place to be at this year's show!    Stop by for a chance to meet MMA Superstar Brian Ebersole who will be signing autographs and posing for pictures at the booth from 1am-4pm on Saturday.   And of course, the beautiful Australian Nutrabolics Models will be there all weekend long passing out free samples of many of our industry-leading products.   It's going to be a great event in Melbourne, we look forward to seeing you there!


      Nutrabolics has launched into the new year with a blazing start, and adding to the excitement is the momentous celebration of our 10 Year Anniversary!  After a decade of being in business we would like to reflect on our success and recognize our loyal customers and partners who have contributed in this achievement.   In 2002 Nutrabolics began as a small business with a mission to develop scientifically backed sports supplements that were designed for quality, innovation, and results.  Today, Nutrabolics is a global company, distributing its advanced supplements to 44 countries worldwide.   To everyone who has played a role in our exponential growth over the past 10 years – we extend our sincerest thanks.

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